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DC_Perception - Lean

A full inertial measuring unit with 9 degrees of freedom and equipped with an Automotive 32bit Microcontroller, ASIL-B graded.

DC_Perception-Lean provides over CAN-bus estimation of vehicle attitude in terms of roll, pitch and side slip angles, based on a data fusion algorithm specifically tuned for each application. It is suitable for implementation of custom control strategies for complex systems.

Requires jointly activity with the customer to individuate a correct installation position on the vehicle, compatible with thermal and vibrational sensor specifications, and calibrate/validate sensors outputs.
DC_Perception - Lean tech specs
  • Microcontroller
    Automotive Cortex-M4 core, ASIL-B compliant
  • Safety watchdog
    System Basis Chip supervising microcontroller and disabling power outputs in case of fault
  • Supply Voltage
    Nominal: 12V, Range: 8V..18V
  • Supply Current
    54mA @ 12V
  • Protection Class
    IP 67
  • Electronic Protection
    Compliant to R10 regulation
  • Operating Temperature Range
    -40°C ... +70°C (-40°C ... +90°C variant available)
  • Storage Temperature Range
    -40°C ... +125°C
  • Acceleration Range
    Up to ±16g
  • Angular rate Range
    Up to ±2000deg/sec
  • Magnetic field Range
    Up to ±16gauss
  • Native resolution
    Accelerations: 16 bit, Angular rates: 16 bit

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