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DC_Control - Suspension

Specifically designed to implement patented e-Shock solution to optimally manage the damping in two, three and four wheeled vehicles.

The device handles the inputs from external sensors used to monitor the vehicle attitude, the chassis and suspensions dynamics, and the driver maneuvers. Thanks to this set of information, processed by e-Shock algorithms, the device drives up to 8 electro-hydraulic valves or 4 magnetorheological dampers.

DC_Control - Suspension tech specs
  • Microcontroller
    Automotive Cortex-M4 core, ASIL-B compliant
  • Safety watchdog
    System Basis Chip supervising microcontroller and disabling power outputs in case of fault
  • Supply Voltage
    Nominal: 12V, Range: 8V..18V
  • Supply Current
    300mA @ 12V
  • Protection Class
    IP 67
  • Electronic Protection
    Compliant to R10 regulation
  • Operating Temperature Range
    -40°C ... +70°C (125°C w/o IMU)
  • Storage Temperature Range
    -40°C ... +125°C
  • Power Outputs
    8 PWM channels 0V ... 12V, Nominal current : 7 A
  • Internal sensors
    8 current sensors (one for each power output channel), 6 d.o.f. IMU (optional), - 3 x accelerometers 16 bit, up to 16 g, - 3 x gyroscopes 16 bit, up to 2.000 deg/s
  • Analog Inputs
    8 channel 0-5V, 12bit resolution, antialias filter
  • Digital Inputs
    4 channel 0-5V, 1 channel 0-12V (key ignition)
  • Open Collector
    1 channel 0-12V
  • CAN-bus interface
    1 CAN channel, 1 standard channel

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