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The future of mobility between autonomous driving and electric vehicles: discover the e-Shock solutions!

Autonomous and electric mobility solutions remodel the way we understand mobility, with significant competitive advantages for the operators and important benefits for the environment. The new white paper by e-Shock takes stock of the latest innovations in these sectors.

Mobility is one of the sectors in which the effects of technological innovation are most evident, the impact of which is found both in products and in business models.

Shifting the focus on the automotive sector, today the market’s attention is focused on electric mobility and autonomous driving, the strengthening of which is leading to a redefinition of the use of the vehicle, today increasingly shared, collaborative and multimodal, and to a new imperative, that of the energy transition, which imposes itself as an industrial challenge at an international level.

The range of tools available today includes integrated mechatronic solutions for vehicle’s performance control, safety and robotization, which affect all operators: from motorcycle and racing car manufacturers to road sweepers and delivery droids’ productors.

In this context, e-Shock, a company with over fourteen years of experience in the production of mechatronic solutions for vehicle dynamics, improves the interaction between vehicles and people through a portfolio of advanced mobility solutions. Its products are applied to motorcycles, cars, commercial vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, last-mile delivery droids and agricultural vehicles (over one hundred and forty thousand vehicles).

Rob.Y is among the products of e-Shock: based on the proprietary system of sensors and algorithms Dynamic Cortex, it is the first digital chassis that offers the best possible experience with the highest standards of autonomous driving and robotization available today. In 2021, Rob.Y carried out the pilot tests for the first fully autonomous passenger transport service within the experimentation campus JRC – Joint Research Center of the European Commission in Ispra (VA).

These are just some of the findings gathered in the white paper created by the e-Shock team, Autonomous driving and electric vehicles: the future is already here

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