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Utility Vehicles

Our aim is to provide robotization systems for utility vehicles of the future to enable remote and automated driving

The core system for attitude estimation is the DC-Perception Lean, providing measurements of roll and pitch angle over the CAN-bus, to enable roll-over prevention, automatic vehicle balance, ABS and automated driving
We support the OEMs and braking system Tier-1 to implement ABS systems reliable in every terrain conditions, thanks to integration with DC Perception Lean, and Brake-by-wire solutions
Track the vehicle position and data available from the CAN-bus and OBD. Exchange data with iOS and Android devices through BLE connection for analytics and interaction with vehicle settings
Thanks to patented solutions, the system controls suspension actuators to increase comfort and handle the vehicle leveling. The system is compatible with semi-active dampers based on solenoid valves, magnetorheological fluids, and hydraulic cylinders
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