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We provide edge technologies to enhance safety and performance of any motorcycle, both petrol with petrol and electrical, from small displacement two and three wheelers to super-sport and tourer bikes

Attitude estimation
The core system for attitude estimation is the DC-Perception Lean, providing measurements of roll and pitch angle over the CAN-bus, to enable advanced traction control, cornering ABS, adaptive lighting and crash detection. Our solutions also include embedded data fusion software for estimation of suspension travel and speed from inertial data, motorcycle payload, wheelie detection
Thanks to the DC-Perception Lean, we support the OEMs and braking system Tier-1 to implement the advanced function, like the cornering ABS
Track the vehicle position and data available from the CAN-bus and OBD. Exchange data with iOS and Android devices through BLE connection for analytics and interaction with vehicle settings
Thanks to patented solutions, the system controls front and rear shock-absorbers to maximize comfort, body control and handling. Every 2 milliseconds, taking into account sensors measuring suspensions and vehicle dynamics, combined with the rider inputs, the system ensures the optimal damping in all circumstances, including braking, acceleration, cornering and off-road. The system is compatible with semi-active dampers based on solenoid valves or magnetorheological fluids, and supports automatic preload adjustment according to the payload
The Traction Control System targets ICE and electric motorbikes, both for safety and performance applications. Based on the IMU data, the system features the rear wheel slip control, the wheelie control and the launch control. The system can be provided as additional function of the DC-Perception Lean communicating the torque setpoint to the motor ECU, or, alternatively, as a software library to be integrated in the motor ECU
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