The Next Level for Controlling Vehicle Performance, Safety and Robotization

e-Shock is a leader in the production of mechatronic solutions for vehicle dynamics and one of the main players in the supply of embedded artificial intelligence applied to the control of semi-active suspension, traction and braking of technological control systems


Changing the Ways Vehicles Interact with People


To manage and control vehicular dynamics in the field of professional services and advanced mobility solutions through a product portfolio consisting of smart sensors and control units, a set of software and mechatronic solutions that acts as an intelligent vehicle actuator called Dynamic Cortex, and the Rob.Y robotic platform

Future & Sustainability

One of the greatest environmental challenges we face today lies in mobility, with 25% of CO₂ emissions generated by work machinery, commercial and passenger transport vehicles, agricultural vehicles, each of them leaving its impact on the environment. We create solutions that ensure safety and optimization, responding to the challenge of safer and low-carbon cities.